The future 20’s

ImageI was on my home from work at around 3:00 AM when an indecent happened. Well, this is not a media type event that will instantly covered by groups of what we call OC’s (Ososeros hahaha). This is something that made my tired mind thinking. Where will our country go after 10-15 years from now. Will this children I saw can contribute to the growth of our nation or they will be on the list of those person who keeps on dragging our economy down.

Tired and exhausted from work I usually take public transportation to save money (Well, parking fee plus the gas is way beyond my will to pay). On my one last ride from Guadalupe to C5 a group of 6-9 year old children rode the Jeepney, they are accompanied by two (2) partner adult whose bodies are seemed to be seamed to each other. When we reach Market! Market! on the side of C5 these group of young boys saw a group of young girls on the street. Those young lads are on the street, some of them sitting, the others are standing and what surprise me most are those two (2) of them lying on the street sleeping. The jeepney stayed for 10-15 minutes to wait for passengers, bored and playful the boys tried to catch the girls attention. I remember one of them uttered “Kilala ko yun! tropa yun ni ano” (I know her! Shes a friend of…) the other boys called the girls attention by calling them in an unobtrusive manner (PSSSTT, PSSSTTT!!!!) the girls then looked and stared at the boys. Surprisingly the girls didn’t react as if there’s no one tried to call them.

Finally the vehicle moved and I’m getting closer to my anticipated sleep. When the jeepney start moving I tired to look at the girls, shocked, I just don’t know how to react. I saw all the girls pointing bad fingers towards our direction (pertaining to the boys). the boys laugh and said they’re willing to do the what the girls are requesting.

Some might say I’m over reacting, well I respect that. But the thing is, How well should WE, single and young individual should plan our future including showing the young minds what to do and not to do and a challenge to all parents to always keep an eye to your child or children.

Above all, we’re not just talking about where will the Philippines be when those young individual grows and be challenge by faith. YES they are still young, but is there any reason NOT to start training them on their early stage?

Life is a Jargon

Life will always be what we don’t expect it to happen. When I was this little boy, life is easier. Well, for most of us it is.

At the early stage of life my day will always start with crying because no one is beside me when I woke up, at the worst. When I was introduced to education, then my day starts with dragging myself out of bed for school. Today, life is a lot different, too much jargon, well who would have said it don’t.

Work. When I finished my degree on college the challenge of looking for the best opportunity came in. There are times that believing to my potentials is the hardest task, ever. Until such time when the victory is mine!! got my first job, started the training, introduced to the corporate world and thrown like a horse in the ocean. Life is different, terminologies scares me but it never last, never will.

Then on, I realized that jargon is the healthiest way life could be. It doesn’t just give us the strength to go on, but the power to move forward.